Where are the classes held?

Classes are held in person at the South Health Maternity & Wellness Clinic. We welcome you to this safe and intimate classroom experience where you will laugh and learn together with others.

What to do if the session I want is full?

While our classes fill up quickly and numbers are capped, feel free to email info@readybaby.ca requesting that your name be placed on a waiting list for the session of your choice in case a spot should open up.

Who and what should I bring to my birthing classes?

Please do bring one birth support person of your choice to each class as they will learn how to best support you and how to help make the big arrival of your little one a shared experience. Also bring a water bottle and dress in light layers as the room temperature may vary.

What can I expect to come away with?

You can expect to understand the basics of: 

  • Pregnancy anatomy and physiology
  • The building blocks of a healthy pregnancy
  • How to recognize labour and how to cope with the pain
  •  Important decisions surrounding your delivery
  •  The hospital experience for mom and baby during and after delivery
  •  Basic breastfeeding advice, including hands-on simulation
  •  Baby care, calming, and safety

You will also be given access to a private app to use as an excellent reference and reminder of the topics covered, and to provide important resources to help you in your journey.

What if I miss a week?

ReadyBaby is not obligated to make up class time or course content if you are unable to attend, and no refund or discount is offered for missed classes. However, videos and content may be available on the class companion app for you to watch anytime.

When in my pregnancy should I begin the course?

It is optimal to have your FIRST class fall between your 25th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy so that you can complete all 5 weeks well before your due date. You may forget important information if you begin too early, but you want to avoid running out of time to complete the course should your little one arrive a little ahead of schedule.