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⭐️ This is an excellent course. Highly recommend it, especially for new parents who are looking to gain a comprehensive 'lay of the land'. We particularly recommend our teacher, Erin, who was was beyond excellent. So much so, that my partner and I were joking about changing hospitals so that we might have the chance to have Erin as our nurse during our delivery! An excellent course, highly recommend it, and great value received for what you pay.


⭐️  My wife and I were very grateful for this class and the opportunity to learn about our future child and everything to expect when expecting. Lindsay was an awesome instructor. She was very knowledgeable and friendly and we enjoyed each minute with her. The sessions we did had to be online Zoom calls, but that wasn't a negative to be honest. We enjoyed being able to sit in our family room in the comfort of our home and the sessions were still great! I would highly recommend anyone that is unsure with their first child to take this class. Even if you've read all the books and internet posts, sometimes it helps to have an actual expert tell you about these things and provide you some peace of mind. For example, my wife and I were very unsure about C-sections as they seem to get a very bad wrap. But at the end of the sessions, we felt comforted knowing that if our birth comes down to a C-section, we are prepared with what to expect and are comforted knowing that we are in good hands, with the procedure designed to keep both Mom and baby safe. Thank you Ready Baby!


⭐️“My husband and I feel more confident after taking this 5 week course. We definitely feel more equipped than our friends who haven’t taken the classes! Gaining knowledge from a delivery nurse first hand is priceless. I feel like we’re better prepared to know what to look out for, what to expect in late pregnancy right through all the stages of labour to the first few weeks at home with a newborn. Catherine is a wonderful guide and we miss the classes now that they are done! We hope she is working the night of our delivery 🤞🏻 Highly recommend taking this course.”


⭐️ “This class is highly recommended for first time parents. The class was very informative and really helped my wife and I, in preparing both our minds and body for the arrival of our little one. We now feel more confident and ready once our baby decides to come out. Our instructor Catherine is really knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions regarding labour and birth. She also provided us weekly updates on any changes with Calgary hospitals due to covid. Thank you Catherine!”


⭐️ “ReadyBaby was the perfect birth preparation course for us! Instructor was highly knowledgeable as a working RN and able to answer any questions the group had. Format was easy, and not too many classes which was great.”


⭐️ “Best experience of my life!! I wanted you to know that in taking your class I felt empowered in labour, birth, breastfeeding and home care! [My baby] is the best part of my life and your maternity class ReadyBaby is a close second! I have an infinite love for you and I just want you to know the appreciation I have for what you did for us in sharing your knowledge, creating your class, finding the space to conduct your class, especially in these trying times. I feel like I came out a unicorn on this one! Thanks again!”


⭐️ ”I had been meaning to reach out after the first class on Wednesday to say how impressed my partner and I were with the material, structure and overall classroom dynamic. Erin is a true expert at what she does, while creating a really warm and inclusive space. We could not be more thrilled that our GP directed us to this class, so thank you for the excellent experience. It really blew our expectations out of the water.”


⭐️ “Super happy we took this class. The instructor was super personable and made everyone feel comfortable. I learned a lot and feel much more confident now with what to expect. Even when the pandemic made it so we couldn't meet in person, they were great to set up virtual classes so we could continue. Highly recommend!”


⭐️ ”I feel far more confident in the decision process and what will unfold. The videos were very informative. I liked visually knowing what to expect. I thought the content was excellent and in good proportion. Catherine’s experience and real life examples really helped to support our learning!”


⭐️ ”We are more confident now in taking care of our baby. We feel mentally ready for what to expect in the delivery process.”


⭐️ ”We appreciated the explanations of how things work at our hospital and in the Calgary Region. The hospital experience talk was very informative.”


⭐️ “The ReadyBaby birth class really helped my husband and I prepare for all scenarios. As first time expecting parents we were happy to find a class that covered all stages. We felt very comfortable leaving the class after 5 weeks with the knowledge we had been given to succeed. Thank you!”


⭐️ “Our instructor Lindsay delivered very informative sessions over the course of the 5 weeks. Her fun personality really helped get through an evening of classes after a long day of work. As a soon-to-be-father, I've left this course feeling way more prepared and knowledgeable around almost all aspects of my wife's pregnancy. Thank you!”          


⭐️ “Amazing class! For first time parents this is a must! If you're going to rely on what you remember from health class, you might want to rethink that. This is very comprehensive course and you come out feeling more confident and comfortable for whats about to change your life. Catherine is an excellent Nurse / coach we would suggest this course to any future parents.”