Course Outline



Week 1

  • The anatomy of pregnancy and body changes
  • Nutrition, exercise, and sleep tips
  • Emotional challenges
  • Natural pain relief and coping
  • Pregnancy risks and emergencies

Week 2 

  • Labour stages (early, active, transition, pushing) 
  • How to know when to go to the hospital 
  • Effective labour positions and breathing 
  • The birth experience

Week 3 

  • What to bring to the hospital 
  • Induction and augmentation of labour
  • Medications and epidurals
  • Medical interventions
  • C-Birth

Week 4

  • Physical recovery after delivery
  • Emotional adjustments and challenges 
  • Intimacy and family planning
  • Breastfeeding techniques, tips, and tricks

Week 5

  • Your baby’s first hours and days
  • Baby’s sleep, feeding, and bathing
  • Common baby conditions and concerns
  • Soothing a crying baby
  • Bonding and brain development
  • Basic infant safety 
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